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About us

Dunori was founded with a vision to create a sustainable marketing platform to empower the traditional weavers and artisans from remote locations of Assam and North-east India. Dunori showcases the elegantly rich culture and craftsmanship from this pristine province in India through their meticulously handpicked products.

From casual to swanky, from light to bold, our designs are honed by contemporary aesthetics yet rooted to their ethnic origin. Our indigenous weaves come straight from the traditional looms of Northeast India and are characteristic of perennial weaving techniques and motifs.

Raised in the lush green tea plantations of Assam, Dunori’s founding team of two sisters has been exposed to a variety of cultures across India and Asia. Having worked in the global corporate world in areas varying from digital space and advertising to event marketing, it was their zeal for fashion that showed them the light to give back something to the roots they belong.

Dunori” is the local word for a quintessential oil-lamp holder from Assam, resembling a hurricane lamp. This two-piece artefact has a base on a tall stand and a perforated cover. The base holds a bed of rice-grains and on it, is placed an oil lamp. The perforated cover protects the lamp from burning out when used outdoors and acts as a torch lighting up one’s way. Likewise, “dunori” best describes our business essence as a guiding light showing the path of a socio-economic boost to the livelihood of North-east Indian weavers and craftsmen. We aspire to connect the region’s rich heritage and workmanship to diverse markets across India and beyond.