EARRINGS AND NECKLACE SET – Traditional Assamese Thuria Design

EARRINGS AND NECKLACE SET – Traditional Assamese Thuria Design


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This piece of traditional Assamese ornament set is completely handcrafted. Thin plates of 24-carat gold are affixed on a pure silver base. For colour, sea green colour enamel is used which enhances its beauty. Enamel is made by fusing a thin layer of glass with gold.


Thuriya design resembles a lotus on a heavy stem. The design of the necklace is unique resembling a straw or pipe.


The designs of the traditional Assamese jewelers hold a hierarchical significance, where workmanship methods and techniques are passed down on to next generations. Gold jewellery had flourished in Assam since medieval times back in the 13th century. Gold dust was abundantly found in the sands of different rivers in Assam, and mainly in river Subansiri which is a major tributary of the Brahmaputra river. The quaint and attractive designs of traditional jewellery of Assam draws inspiration from beautiful flora and fauna of the region, musical instruments and daily household items.

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