MEKHELA SADOR in Dark Sea Green with Traditional Assamese Motifs in Blue, Pink and Golden Zari


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MEKHELA SADOR is the commonly worn traditional attire of the women in Assam, in North-east India. Mekhela Sador’s wearing style resembles  a ‘Saree’ without being a saree itself. This is a two-piece attire (MEKHELA + SADOR).


“MEKHELA” is the long and large cylindrical cloth, resembling a skirt. It is folded into pleats and tucked in at the waist. The pleats are folded to the right unlike the saree pleats which are folded to the left.


“SADOR” is a long length of cloth; one end worn from the shoulder, the other end draped around the body and tucked into the waist along with Mekhela.


This dark sea green coloured MEKHELA SADOR is a stunner, with traditional Assamese motifs all over the Mekhela as well as the Sador. This is 100% pure Paat silk (or Mulberry silk), completely handwoven by the rural weavers of Assam in a traditional loom. The motifs and patterns are in blue, pink and golden zari. The motifs and designs are same in both pieces of the set (Mekhela & Sador), but they follow a slightly different pattern when spaced out, which blend together beautifully to make an exquisite attire.


The domestic Mulberry silk produced in Assam is locally called Paat silk, or Nuni, or Nuni Paat. This variety of Mulberry silkworms feed on the naturally grown white Mulberry plant leaves which is called “Nuni” in Assamese. Paat silk is known for its softness, glossy texture and durability. The raw silk version of Paat silk is locally called “Kesa Paat” which is a delicate fibre and light as a feather.


Assam Paat silk has a naturally white or off-white tint. It can be dyed into various vibrant colours to match your creativity and mood.



Length & Width of Mekhela : 2.4 meter & 0.914 meter

Length & Width of Sador : 2.75 meter & 0.965 meter

Fabric : Pure Mulberry Paat Silk

Blouse Piece : Available


Since this is handwoven, there may be slight variations in size. Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting.

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