SAREE in Grey with Traditional Assamese Motifs in Blue and White

SAREE in Grey with Traditional Assamese Motifs in Blue and White


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Description of product

This is 100% silk SAREE. Weavers weave alternate yarn of pure Eri silk and pure Tussar silk in a traditional Assamese loom. The elegance of this piece comes from the uncomplicated handwoven designs and easy drape of the soft fabric. Blue and white traditional Assamese patterns are highlighted beautifully on the grey saree. This incredibly soft SAREE is handspun and handwoven by weavers of Assam in a traditional loom. This beautiful beige coloured drape is accentuated with brown and blue woven traditional motifs.

Eri Silk is rightly called "non-violent silk" or "ahimsa silk" because it does not require to kill the silkworm during its production, unlike other types of silk. Eri is an indigenous silk of Assam. The name Eri comes from the Assamese word "era" which means "castor" as the silkworm mainly feeds on castor plants.

Eri Silk has some unique qualities - soft on the skin yet very durable; isothermal properties make it wearable all year round; anti-fungal and anti-allergen properties make it ideal for sensitive skin.

Tussar Silk is also known as Wild Silk because the silkworms feed on a variety of locally grown natural wild trees and not on mulberry trees. Tussar is valued for it rich texture and natural deep gold colour. The fabric is porous, therefore, making is breathable and extremely wearable even in warmer parts of the world. 

Product Specification -

Length- 1.91 meters

Width- 0.61 meter

Fabric - Eri Silk and Tussar Silk

Blouse piece - Available

Since this is handwoven, there may be slight variations in size. Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting.

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