SAREE in Yellow with Traditional Assamese Motifs woven in Muga Thread

SAREE in Yellow with Traditional Assamese Motifs woven in Muga Thread


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This incredibly soft Eri Silk SAREE is designed and handwoven by Assamese weavers in a traditional loom. The end of the saree "pallu" is neatly finished with tassels. The traditional motifs are handwoven with Muga Silk thread., the golden silk of Assam. 

Eri Silk is rightly called "non-violent silk" or "ahimsa silk" because it does not require to kill the silkworm during its production, unlike other types of silk. Eri is an indigenous silk of Assam. The name Eri comes from the Assamese word "era" which means "castor" as the silkworm mainly feeds on castor plants.

Eri Silk has some unique properties - soft on the skin yet very durable; isothermal properties make it wearable all year round; anti-fungal and anti-allergen properties make it ideal for sensitive skin.

Muga Silk has been given the Geographical Indication (GI) status since 2007, thus attesting that this rarest type of silk is produced only in Assam. The Central Silk Board of India has the authority to inspect Muga silk products and certify their authencity. This gorgeous fabric is known for its extreme durability, glossy texture and natural golden-yellow tint. Muga (muga:Assamese word for yellow) is one of the strongest natural threads, its luster further enhancing after every wash. Its natural golden tint is its unique selling point, though colours are often added via thread and zari embroidery. A muga silk piece was once reserved only for the royalty and is still highly sought-after today, often regarded as a heirloom

Product Specification -

Length- 5.5 meters

Width- 1.61 meters

Fabric- Eri Silk. Motifs in Muga Silk

Blouse Piece- Available

Since this is handwoven, there may be slight variations in size. Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting.

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